Stephanie Dornschneider-Elkink

Sample cognitive map

This cognitive map visualizes a decision-making process identified from interviews with a prominent leader of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB). It contains three main components: beliefs, connections between beliefs, and decisions. Beliefs are represented by boxes containing direct quotes. Connections between beliefs are represented by arrows. Decisions are contained by dark boxes that have no outgoing arrows. The map contains two decisions that address 1- engagement in nonviolent dissent and 2- rejection of violent alternatives. Quotes were obtained from interviews in Arabic. Arrows were identified from linguistic connectors, such as “because,” “therefore,” or “if… then.“

cognitive map

Cognitive maps of violent and nonviolent dissidents

The following cognitive maps visualize the reasoning processes of 27 violent and nonviolent dissidents from Egypt and Germany. The nonviolent dissidents from Egypt include leaders and followers of the Muslim Brotherhood. The nonviolent dissidents from Germany were affiliated with the German Socialist Student Union. The violent dissidents from Germany belonged to the Baader Meinhof group, later generations of the Red Army Faction, and Bewegung 2. Juni. The violent dissidents from Egypt belonged to al-Jihad and al-Jama'at al Islamiyya. More information about these groups is described in Chapter 3 of Whether to Kill. More information about the individuals and the conduct of interviews is presented in Chapter 2.

The cognitive maps contain belief classes that were abstracted from direct quotes contained by interviews. Examples of quotes for each belief class are provided here. The abstraction of direct quotes into belief classes and, ultimately, coding schemes is explained in: Stephanie Dornschneider (2019). Analyzing ethnographic interviews: Three studies on terrorism and nonviolent resistance. International Political Science Review, 0192512119884091. [article] This is an example of a cognitive map containing belief classes:


The individual maps can be viewed below. All data are available as csv files here. The representation and analysis of cognitive maps as excel spreadsheets is explained in: Stephanie Dornschneider and Nick Henderson (2016). A computational model of cognitive maps: Analyzing violent and nonviolent activity in Egypt and Germany. Journal of Conflict Resolution, 60(2), 368-399. [article]




























Cognitive maps of nonviolent dissidents and individuals refraining from dissent

This dataset (.xlsx) contains 121 cognitive maps of participants and non-participants in the Arab Spring in Egypt and Morocco. Information about the analysis of the excel spreadsheets is available here. Information about the construction of cognitive maps from direct speech is provided here. Individual maps are listed below. The coding scheme including quotes from ethnographic interviews in Egypt and Morocco is forthcoming.

1_non-protestor Egypt

2_non-protestor Egypt

3_non-protestor Egypt

4_non-protestor Egypt

5_non-protestor Egypt

6_non-protestor Egypt

7_non-protestor Egypt

8_non-protestor Egypt

9_non-protestor Egypt

10_non-protestor Egypt

11_non-protestor Egypt

12_non-protestor Egypt

13_non-protestor Egypt

14_non-protestor Egypt

15_non-protestor Egypt

16_non-protestor Egypt

17_non-protestor Egypt

18_non-protestor Egypt

19_non-protestor Egypt

20_non-protestor Egypt

21_non-protestor Egypt

22_non-protestor Egypt

23_non-protestor Egypt

24_non-protestor Egypt

25_non-protestor Egypt

26_non-protestor Egypt

27_non-protestor Egypt

28_non-protestor Egypt

29_non-protestor Egypt

30_non-protestor Egypt

31_non-protestor Egypt

32_non-protestor Egypt

1_non-protestor Morocco

2_non-protestor Morocco

3_non-protestor Morocco

4_non-protestor Morocco

5_non-protestor Morocco

6_non-protestor Morocco

7_non-protestor Morocco

8_non-protestor Morocco

9_non-protestor Morocco

10_non-protestor Morocco

11_non-protestor Morocco

12_non-protestor Morocco

13_non-protestor Morocco

14_non-protestor Morocco

15_non-protestor Morocco

16_non-protestor Morocco

17_non-protestor Morocco

18_non-protestor Morocco

19_non-protestor Morocco

20_non-protestor Morocco

21_non-protestor Morocco

22_non-protestor Morocco

23_non-protestor Morocco

24_non-protestor Morocco

25_non-protestor Morocco

26_non-protestor Morocco

27_non-protestor Morocco

28_non-protestor Morocco

29_non-protestor Morocco

30_non-protestor Morocco

31_non-protestor Morocco

32_non-protestor Morocco

33_non-protestor Morocco

34_non-protestor Morocco

35_non-protestor Morocco

36_non-protestor Morocco

1_protestor Egypt

2_protestor Egypt

3_protestor Egypt

4_protestor Egypt

5_protestor Egypt

6_protestor Egypt

7_protestor Egypt

8_protestor Egypt

9_protestor Egypt

10_protestor Egypt

11_protestor Egypt

12_protestor Egypt

13_protestor Egypt

14_protestor Egypt

15_protestor Egypt

16_protestor Egypt

17_protestor Egypt

18_protestor Egypt

19_protestor Egypt

20_protestor Egypt

21_protestor Egypt

22_protestor Egypt

23_protestor Egypt

24_protestor Egypt

25_protestor Egypt

26_protestor Egypt

27_protestor Egypt

28_protestor Egypt

29_protestor Egypt

30_protestor Egypt

1_protestor Morocco

2_protestor Morocco

3_protestor Morocco

4_protestor Morocco

5_protestor Morocco

6_protestor Morocco

7_protestor Morocco

8_protestor Morocco

9_protestor Morocco

10_protestor Morocco

11_protestor Morocco

12_protestor Morocco

13_protestor Morocco

14_protestor Morocco

15_protestor Morocco

16_protestor Morocco

17_protestor Morocco

18_protestor Morocco

19_protestor Morocco

20_protestor Morocco

21_protestor Morocco

22_protestor Morocco

23_protestor Morocco